Shanghai Silian is located in Sijing Economic Developing Zone of Songjiang District in Shanghai, with a covering area of about 180 000 square meter. Shanghai Silian is a private enterprise with a histrory of nearly 40 years. Shanghai Silian is a fine chemical complex manufacturer with 4 subsidiaries producing chemical reagents, organic pigments, printing ink and pigment preparation for textile printing, annual production capacity is about 60 000 tons. Our products are successively awarded as “Renowned Brands of Shanghai City” and “Famous Products of Shanghai City”.

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CT Series Non-skinning offset ink

CT Series Non-skinning offs...

CT Non-Skinning High-gloss Quick-set Offset InkThis type ...

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G Series Safety Type

G Series Safety Type

G-Series (Safety Type)Pigment Preparation for Textile Pri...

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our company got ECO PASSPOR...

Currently our F series and HF series water based pigment preparation products are certified by ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX with the CERTIFICATE NO.: SH150 ...

China 's environmental protection packaging ink industry ...

Ink is an indispensable basic material for packaging and printing, but it is easy to cause pollution in its production and application. In the call for the development of low carbon economy and pro...

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A fine chemical manufacturer of Pigment Preparation , Pinting Ink , Organic Pigments and Chemical Reagents 



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